Perfume Bottle Prototype, 2017

Perfume Bottle Prototype, 2017

what kinds of veneers do we create, and why? What are the messages we project?

Investigating the relationships between internal reactions and external projections, with an interest in visceral human response, compassion, vulnerability, and the metaphors that can be woven from these elements, are the focus of Boothe’s work over the last several years. Boothe’s work is an effort to reach an understanding of these inquiries. She sets-out visual networks, or radii, that connect the various factors related to her investigations. The resulting pieces are meant to be icons, pseudo-mirrors, or even prosthetics, that aid in self-comprehension. The multi-part objects I create provide objectivity to issues or feelings that are often difficult to articulate. Glass, as a material, expresses the simultaneous strength and fragility, as well as the translucency, or degree of visibility, of these associations.


About Anna


With degrees in sculpture and glass from Rhode Island School of Design and Tyler School of Art, Anna Boothe has worked with glass since 1980. Her primarily kiln-cast sculptural and decorative works have been exhibited at the Tittot Glass Art and Bergstrom-Mahler Museums, Museum of American Glass, and Kentucky Museum of Art and Design, and are included in the permanent collections of the Corning Museum of Glass and the Tacoma Museum of Art.

Boothe has been a visiting artist at numerous universities and taught at glass schools, including the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Urban Glass and Pilchuck as well as venues in Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, and Japan. Anna served as President of the Glass Art Society..