Perry Milou

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 Spread your Love Series, 2018

Spread your Love Series, 2018

POP-artist with Heart...

Bold color is the forefront of Perry's work. His fine pop-art paintings are highly stylized, exciting and graphic; the in-your-face imagery clearly defines the Milou brand. His latest project is #spreadyourlove which uses fluid art to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art giving the maker the chance to experience literal acceptance, surrender and forgiveness through the creative process. Check out more from Perry Milou here.




Perry Milou is one of the nation’s foremost recognized Pop artists. Critics and collectors have hailed his bold, vibrant palette over the past 20 years. Milou creates a blend of pop culture contemporary art that is frequently a tribute to global icons, Americana, and celebrities. Considered a talented forward-thinker, Milou’s work has been described as “alluring”, “brilliant”, “fresh”, and “glamorous”.

This past January Milou’s original painting was presented to Vice President Joe Biden upon returning home to Delaware after serving eight years under President Obama.