Jonathan Cohn


Jonathan is the leader of our team and focuses on high-level project planning. Jonathan works on the bigger picture in general and his network of artists, manufacturers, and business professionals is indispensable to Seed&Space’s success. Jonathan is the driving force behind Seed&Space, and is committed to helping artists in their transition to the business world.



Emily Taylor Rogers

Creative Project Director

Emily manages projects and handles the communication that occurs between Seed&Space, the artist, and any external partners involved. She oversees the development of products and brands from conception to distribution. She handles a wide variety of tasks from various departments including event planning and outreach. Emily is an artist herself, which allows her to understand the goals and desires of the artists we work with. To view her personal work visit





Charity Thackston

Website Development, Financial ManageR

Charity focuses on two distinct fields, website development and financial management. In her role as a website developer, Charity works on every aspect of Seed&Space’s website as well as our artist's brand specific sites. Her work encompasses content creation, layout, and usability. On the financial side of things, Charity manages Seed&Space’s costs, revenue and wages. Not only is Charity a power house administrator, but she's an kick-ass artist as well. You can see Charity's artwork here.